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Matt Capell, ID
“The recession hit us hard. By 2010 our revenue was down to $400,000, and my wife and I were considering closing the doors. I began using the online strategies Jim teaches in his book, and it literally saved my business.  Last year we did $2 Million at 40% margins.”
Earl Swalm, SC

“I’m working less than 30 hours per week, revenue is up 50%...Business is fun again!”
Jay Robinson
“I’m now taking weekends off, and my wife and I went to Cabo…our first vacation in years!”
Steve D'Angelo, AZ
“My revenue has doubled and tripled.”
Mike Phoenix, CT
“Our revenue is up 79.3% over last year!  Thanks, Jim!”
About Jim Augustus Armstrong...
Jim is an internationally known speaker, trainer and coach for flooring retailers, and author of How Floor Dealers Can Beat The Boxes the predecessor to Beat The Boxes Online.  His Marketing Mastery column appears in every issue of Floor Covering News, and he produces and co-hosts the monthly FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinars.  He has been a featured speaker at Surfaces and Coverings.  His company, Flooring Success Systems, is dedicated to helping floor dealers make a lot more money while cutting their work hours in half. Since 2007 over 2,000 dealers have relied on Jim's methods to transform their businesses and lives for the better, and put a whuppin’ on the box stores!
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